Image Focus on the international day of peace

Focus on the international day of peace

Focus on the international day of peace

Nowadays, peace is among the most worthy causes that humanity pursues. Peace between individuals in each household and neighborhood, peace between political parties inside on the nation, peace between different countries in the world … whatever the scale is, its presence is always desired.

And it is not only a conflict-free environment, but also the calm resolution of these conflicts and problems by non-violence. This article will talk about the International Day of Peace.

Here is a zoom on the international day of peace

What is it?

It is a day in which peace is preached, when everyone is sensitized about the benefits of living without wars. Many countries around the world observe this day when a cease-fire must be respected. But the celebration can happen in different ways in countries that are not at war. It was in 1981 that this international day was created by the member countries of the UN.

When it was created, it was celebrated on the third Tuesday of September. But in 2001, the UN General Assembly decided that the International Day of Peace will be held every 21st September. The United Nations hopes that at least during this day, non-violence be respected in each country. And so, the day is celebrated with sensitization and education on issues that about peace.

Namely: avoid confusing the International Day of Peace with the World Day of Peace because they are not the same. The second is celebrated every 1st January and was instituted in 1968 by Pope Paul VI.

The commitment of personalities

While many people around the world say that peace is essential, some have made it their fight. We mainly talk about the following personalities: 

  • Gandhi: He led India to independence thanks to "non-violence". Gandhi inspired other personalities who worked for peace. 
  • Martin Luther King: he advocated for the civil rights of African Americans and for peace. In 1964, he became one of the youngest people to receive the Nobel Peace Prize.
  • Dalai Lama: Tenzin Gyatso, the 14th Dalai Lama, also fought for peace during the Sino-Tibetan conflict. Still today, he travels the world extensively to spread messages of peace and non-violence.
  • Nelson Mandela: He is famous for his struggle against Apartheid. He has always wanted a free society where people would live in harmony and equality.
  • Prem Rawat: Through his actions for the understanding of peace, he has won numerous awards from Universities and government organizations.

Foundations and organizations working for peace

When we say International Day of Peace, it is natural to talk about organizations working for peace. Among them, there is the Prem Rawat Foundation which has set up several programs of a contribution to peace. Often, these organizations, foundations and associations work in education, poverty alleviation, assistance with respect for human rights or in other areas to promote peace.

Caring for people's basic needs is one way to achieving peace for it will allow people to pursue life with serenity and therefore stay away from troubled minds that can endanger the whole society.

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